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Our Graduates

To all our former students: The CSI Alumni association is interested in you! Please visit the CSI Alumni website for more information.

Lisa Allen Lisa Allen, medical student, Texas A&M University College of Medicine
"CSI was the most important stepping stone on the road to achieving my goals. The faculty cares so much about it's students, and I will never forget the faith that they put in me. It pulled me through some tough times. The professors at CSI will help you find the strength to step over your obstacles, whatever they may be, and move toward your dreams. Refuse to live your life with regrets."
Sean Woodhead Sean Woodhead, Environmental Quality Specialist
Roy Churchwell Roy Churchwell, Graduate Student
"The College of Southern Idaho was a great place to start my education, and this was mostly due to the fact that the professors at C.S.I. really care about their students."
Dale Gentry Dale Gentry, Graduate Student
"I really enjoyed my time at CSI. Class sizes were small and the teaching staff always had time to help out one on one. The labs were taught by professors instead of graduate teaching assistants, and tuition was very affordable. Plus, Twin Falls is a great place to do some birding."
Marc Pettinger Marc Pettinger, Biology Teacher
"In our lives there is no escaping the wonders of Biology. Consider starting your discovery at CSI."
Nancy Hoobler Nancy Hoobler, Natural Resource Coordinator
"The CSI biology faculty are just great, and influenced me tremendously in my academic life."
Zsigmond Szanto Zsigmond Szanto, Veterinarian
Dr. Cole Johnson Dr. Cole Johnson, Doctor in Medicine
"I returned to CSI as a non-traditional student and found the small class size, the personal interaction with the professors, and the mentoring to be outstanding assets. I was encouraged to reach a bit further educationally than I had originally planned, finishing a degree in medicine at Michigan State University. My education most likely would not have led to a career in medicine without the opportunity, mentoring, and nurturing I received at CSI. "