Biology Department | Educational Goals

Educational Goals

The Biology Department provides students with the opportunity to know what a biologist is, to understand how biologists think, to see how discoveries are made, and to apply the scientific process to the everyday experience. We provide a high quality education that parallels university curriculum and maintain transfer agreements with all 4-year colleges and universities in Idaho. Our specific educational goals are aligned with the National Science Education Standards and include the following:

1. The ability to understand scientific facts, concepts, theories and laws.

  1. Matter, energy, and the organization of living systems
  2. Molecular basis of genetics and the continuity of life
  3. Patterns and processes of evolution and the resulting diversity of life
  4. Interdependence of organisms within the environment
  5. Behaviors of organisms

2. The ability to inquire using the scientific method.

  1. Formulate testable hypotheses
  2. Design and conduct scientific investigations
  3. Use technology and mathematics to enhance investigations

3. The ability to use critical thinking skills to identify problems, analyze
solutions, make informed decisions and ethical choices.

4. The ability to accurately communicate scientific information.

5. The ability to collaborate on scientific study.